Other Ayurvedic Therapies

Rasayana - Rejuvenation Therapy

Treatments and therapies vary from one person to the other according to body types and diseases. For some only one procedure works wonders and for some a combination of various therapies is effective. The first step is to consult a good physician and then go for any treatment.

Abayangam - Body Massage

Specially made oils extracted from various herbs are massaged everyday for 45 minutes on the body with different strokes that increase blood circulation. Abayangam is very effective for obesity, insomnia, hemiplegia, body ache, muscle sprain, fatigue, loss of skin texture or other vata predominant diseases.

Pizhichil - Sarvang Dhara

A combination of Snehana (Oleation) and Swedana (Sudation) treatments, this treatment boosts the immune system of the body. Lukewarm herbal oils are applied on the entire body in a specific rhythmic movement. A natural way to purify the body, this therapy protects from illnesses. Useful for rheumatic diseases, blood pressure, weakness of nervous system and motor neuron disease. Pizhichil also slows down aging process.

Shirodhara - Stress Reliever

Medicated herbal oil is poured on the forehead by a specific method. It helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing the body and mind. Sirodhara is a great way to relieve stress related problems. It is also known for being beneficial for paralysis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, hair problems, insomnia and other neurological as well as psychiatric malfunctions, slowing the aging process and enhancing memory.

Takradhara - Dhara with Buttermilk

Takradhara is a type of Shirodhara done with medicated butter milk. It works very well for insomnia, depression and headaches.

Shirovasti - Head Therapy

Effective for lack of sleep, facial paralysis, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, ear, throat and nose problems, headaches etc. Shirobasti is very helpful to cure neurological and psychiatric problems.

Navarkhizi - Pottali Seka

This treatment includes a special Kereliya Panchkarma Technique where boluses of special variety of rice (shashtishali) cooked in milk and herbal decoctions are massaged. It is beneficial for curing disorders of muscles like muscular dystrophies, atrophies, motor neuron diseases, hemiplegia and the nervous system.

Greeva Basti - Cervical Spine Therapy

Improves flexibility and brings smooth movement of the cervical joint. Relieves the burden of stress and congestion in nerves, bones and muscles of the neck and shoulders. Relieves pain and stiffness around the neck and shoulder region specifically in condition of cervical spondylosis.

Udvarthanam - Deep and Dry Massage with Herbal Powder

Udvarthanam is known for having a stimulating effect of the follicles of hair and subcutaneous tissues of fat. This massage breaks down the layers of subcutaneous fat. This therapy is good for problems of obesity, high cholesterol, joint stiffness and skin diseases. It also strengthens muscles and is helpful for slimming of the body.

Katibasti - Lumber Spine Therapy

A round wall prepared with a special technique and great care is made on the lower back. It serves as the best treatment to cure various types of low back pain caused by slip disc, spondylosis, lumber canal stenosis, ankylosing spondylosis etc.

Janubasti - Knee Joint Therapy

Like Katibasti, in Janubasti a wall is prepared but on the knee joint. Special medicated oil is kept in this wall to cure pain in knee joint. It is effectively treats osteoarthritis, ligament injury and degeneration of the knee joints.

Netra Tarpana - Eye Therapy
Netra Tarpana

It is a special treatment for the eyes that is very helpful for nourishing them, relieving stress and improving vision. This treatment is done by keeping medicated oil/ghee in a round wall around the eye balls.

Agnikarma - Thermo Therapy

Agnikarma is a thermal, minimally invasive parasurgical procedure for all these kinds of pain. This involves the creation of controlled, pointed, therapeutic burns over the most tender part of the painful region. Agnikarma acts directly on Vata-Kapha Dosha mitigating the causative factor of pain. Thus, pain is reduced significantly with lowest recurrence rates. Pain may be due to many pathologies. It may be either acute or chronic. It may be originating from muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, bones etc. Few of them are osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disorder, spondylosis etc.

Suvrna Prashana - Body Immuning Therapy
Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan an unique Ayurvedic preparation that is known to enhance the immune power of human body. Swarna means gold and Prashana refers to act of consuming. The act of consuming noble metal gold 'Suvarna Prashan' is considered as one of the 16 essential Sanskars (regimens) described for improving overall health in children. According to Ayurveda our body needs to get right nourishment to support proper physical and mental development that can sustain till the old age. Suvarna Prashan is therefore recommended to be taken immediately after birth and continued till the age of 16 years. It is made using swarna bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and cow ghee containing herbal extracts like vacha, brahmi, shankupushpi, all of which show strong immune boosting properties.

Karna Purana - Ear Therapy
Karna Purana

The ayurvedic procedure of instilling medicated oils or clarified butter (ghee) in the ears is called Karna Purana. It is beneficial in ear diseases including hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere's disease (characterized by mainly vertigo), swimmer's ear and other diseases related to the ears. It helps to treat the incurable diseases such as tinnitus. It improves hearing quality, helps in hearing loss and reduces frequent ear infections.

Swedanam - Sudation/ Steam Therapy

Swedanam therapy is very helpful in liquefying the sticky and adherent doshas which have become deposited in the peripheral tissues of our skin. If swedanam is done in the proper way, it will soften and melt these toxins in an optimal manner for the body to effectively expel them with the assistance of the pradhanakarmas (main therapies). The swedanam process opens up the pores on our skin and helps the body to get rid of the impurities of our body through the sweat glands. It is effective in obesity, various types of joint pains and stiffness of muscles.